Diesel Car Scrappage Scheme 2017

The UK government has recently announced that it’s considering another car ‘scrappage’ scheme. This latest scheme is in response to the growing problem with diesel fume pollution in most cities, particularly London.

The scheme is likely to incentivise drivers to not buy diesel powered vehicles going forward and could also tax owners who continue to drive them, similar to the Congestion Charge introduced in London in 2003.

Diesel cars produce high levels of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) which is harmful to humans. Annual pollution limits were breached just five days into 2017 in London prompting many calls for action.

The exact details of the scheme are unclear at this stage but may include the following:

  • Drivers could be paid up to £2,000 to scrap their diesel powered vehicle
  • Scrappage scheme to take diesel cars away from the most polluted areas
  • May only apply to commercial diesel vehicles in some areas

There is also talk of a ‘Toxin Tax’ of £20 in the most polluted areas of the UK to discourage drivers away from buying diesel vehicles going forward.

Diesel car sales were down by 4.3% in January this year whilst electric / hybrid car sales increased by nearly 20%. Clearly the UK consumer is already turning away from diesel and this next drive by the government will see the diesel decline even further.

We will keep this page updated with any further announcements as they happen.

Last updated: 18th April 2017